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PRINT & PUBLISHING (P&P)/GRAPHIC DESIGN Graphic Design Courses in Kolkata

Graphic Design Courses in Kolkata

This program equips the student to handle the demands of the Print & Publishing Industry. The program is designed to teach the nuances of Graphic Design for the print media as well as the Web. It is a comprehensive course in the field of Graphic Designing. Students completing this course are in huge demand in the industry.

The student gains a thorough knowledge of Graphic Designing, as a foundation, goes on to learnthe creative aspects of this subject. At Arena Animation – Park Street, students who enrol for this program easily upgrade themselves to the Web Design Program later.

Salient Features

  • Explain various visualisation & imagery techniques.
  • Explain the fundamentals of graphic designing & various aspects of drawing.
  • Understand Typography and its importance, scope & applications.
  • Create digital artworks & illustrations.
  • Learn Image editing and retouching.
  • Understand the functional aspects of print advertising
  • Design & publish page layouts for magazines & brochures.
  • Re-enforcement of learning through

    • Projects at regular intervals.
    • Tests & Assignments after every module.
  • Peppered with Master Classes and Industry Interactions.



Enter the exciting world of Graphic Designing by learning from fundamentals to advanced techniques of visualisation & creation of Vector based artwork and go on to Image manipulation and composition of the two aspects for creating stunning Graphical Artworks.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Graphics & various dimensions of drawings.
  • Understand how a good Web Design in conceived and created.
  • Use Typography and understand its proper implementation.
  • Learn to create Vector Artworks
  • Design & Create UI (User Interface) elements.
  • Step ahead to learn Raster Imaging or Image Manipulation for creating Artwork for advertising or Web Page.
  • Learn Media Publishing.
  • Project on Making a Print Design Portfolio.

150 Hours or 6 Months (if classes are held 3 Days/Week).

Software(s) covered

Coreldraw, Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign

Career Options:
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Digital Illustrator.
  • Layout Designer.
  • Visualizer.
  • Front-End Web Designer.


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